Steve Meyer – Founder / President / Chief Software Architect

After helping Co-Found and build the leading DATABUS (ANSI X3J15 PL/B Programming Language) compiler developer in the emerging PC market then helping launch what subsequently became a major international software distribution firm in Paris, Steve bootstrapped Avanti from a single person startup to one of the leading software development firms for the Novell NetWare platform in the emerging LAN/WAN market. Avanti’s products have been used by companies and organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500, as well as educational institutions and numerous branches of the U.S. government. As a result of building a global distribution network of Value Added Resellers capable of providing local sales and support, Avanti’s products were installed at thousands of sites and used to manage tens of thousands of NetWare Servers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Since sunsetting the company back in 2012, Steve became an Advisor then the CEO of an EdTech E-Commerce startup which was subsequently acquired in 2014. More recently, he has been a Mentor / Advisor to numerous startups participating in accelerator programs including Techstars, Patriot Boot Camp, and Galvanize, as well as helping early stage entrepreneurs through CoFoundersLab, Angel List, and other platforms. Named one of Techstar Austins “Top 5 Mentors” for 2016, Steve continues to support the startup community while keeping an eye out for his next project.

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