Avanti Technology's NConsole Server Management for NetWare was recognized as one of the Best Products of 1995
- PC Magazine (01/09/1996)

Avanti Technology, Inc.

Launched as a one person, bootstrapped startup in 1991, Avanti quickly became one of the leading developers of enterprise-wide network and server management software solutions supporting the Novell NetWare File Server platform. Benefiting from NetWare's rise to dominate the LAN/WAN market during the late 1990's and early 2000's, Avanti continued to support the NetWare platform well beyond Novell's designating the End Of Life for product line. Frequently reviewed as Best In Class and considered the standards by which other competitors were judged, Avanti's products were critically acclaimed and strategically used. Avanti's installed base grew to tens of thousands of servers used by several thousand companies and organizations ranging from SMB to Fortune 50 along with many state and federal agencies. Although new product development was phased out in December 2012, several sites large sites with over 50 active NetWare servers continue to utilize Avanti's software solutions (as of November 2016).

Company / Product Timeline:
1990:Meyer & Associates founded as a NetWare integration and support consulting firm (San Ramon, CA)
1990:NetAlarm release (first stand-alone monitoring / alerting utility supporting NetWare)
1991:Incorporated as Avanti Technology, Inc. (relocated to Austin, TX
1991:NetScope release (first PC software based protocol analyzer utility supporting NetWare)
1991:NetTrack release (first performance measurement / trending utility supporting NetWare)
1992:NetAlarm / NetTrack technology licensed to XTree Corp. as core for the XTree Tools for Networks - NetWare product suite
1993:Net-Prot Anti-Virus Real-time Scanning Engine NLM for NetWare custom developed for Command Software Systems
1993:Central Point Software acquires XTree Corp. rebranding the XTree Tools for Networks - NetWare product suite
1994:Symantec Corp. acquires Central Point Software and discontinues XTree Tools for Networks - NetWare product suite
1994:NConsole release (comprehensive monitoring / trending / capacity planning utility supporting NetWare)
1994:NodeInfo release (connection / file management utility supporting NetWare)
1994:TaskMaster release (first fully integrated data management, task automation, and scripting utility   |   first RSYNC utility [Server-to-Server data replication and synchronization solution]   |   first multi-file system replication and synchronization utility, i.e., support for DOS/Windows, Macintosh/AFP, and NFS file systems on NetWare Servers)
1995:NConsole SNMP MIB for NetWare supporting OpenView and PerfView custom developed for Hewlett-Packard
1996:NConsole recognized by PC Magazine as "One of the Best Product of 1995" (Networking and Communications Software along with Intel LANDesk Management Suite and Microsoft Windows NT v3.51)
1998:Colorado Springs, CO office opened
1998:TaskMaster becomes first RSYNC utility to incorporate encryption and real-time compression during data transfer
1999:TaskMaster chosen as the data management solution for the 2000 Dicennial Census over Novell's NetWare Replication Services (NRS)
2000:TaskMaster used to manage over 10,000 computers, including more than 500 NetWare Servers, across four data capture centers, 12 regional Census centers, and 520 local offices providing data management and nightly replication of data between the local offices and data centers without any down time or data loss
2002:TaskMaster became first replication and synchronization utility to incorporate Unicode long name space support
2004:TaskMaster selected the recommended data management solution for the U.S. Court Systems (Federal, Circuit, and Appellate)
2005:TaskMaster named #2 among the Most Popular Tools by NetWare users voting on Novell's Cool Solutions Annual People's Choice Awards
2006:TaskMaster commended in law journal for helping large regional law firm with offices in New Orleans and Houston maintain operations after hurricanes Katrina and Rita without down time or data loss
2008:Novell designates March 2010 as the End of General Support for NetWare File Server NOS product line
2009:Novell designates December 2010 as the End of Life for NetWare File Server NOS product line
2010:All company operations relocated to Dripping Springs, TX
2012:New product development ceased (only maintenance and support operations provided for installed products)
Today:Avanti continues to support a small base of TaskMaster users each with over 50 NetWare Server licenses still actively in use

As a result of Novell's ending the NetWare product line and considering Avant's over 20 year exclusive association with NetWare, the decision was made not to try to pivot the company in a different direction but to allow operations to phase out via attrition.

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