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Avanti Technology, Inc.

Launched as a one person, bootstrapped startup in 1991, Avanti quickly became one of the leading developers of enterprise-wide network and server management software solutions supporting the Novell NetWare File Server platform worldwide. Benefiting from NetWare's rise to dominate the Server NOS and LAN/WAN market during the late 1990's and early 2000's, Avanti continued to support the NetWare platform well beyond Novell's designating December 2010 as the End Of Life for Server NOS product line. Frequently reviewed as Best In Class and considered the standards by which other competitors were judged, PC Magazine recognized Avanti's solutions as one of the Best Products of 1995 (Network Management Software) and the Census Bureau chose TaskMaster as the data management software solution for the 2000 Dicennial Census (providing nightly secure data replication and synchronization across over 500 Servers, some with incredibly slow data links - the first RSYNC solution). Despite software development having been phased out in December 2012 after more than 20 years as an industry leader, several sites, each running 50 or more active NetWare servers, continue to utilize TaskMaster as their replication and synchronization solution for data distribution, disaster recovery, and archival purposes (as of June 2016).

Leveraging the connections and expertise accumulated over more than 30 years bootstrapping startups and leading small teams of accomplished developers, Steve Meyer, Avanti's Founder and Chief Architect, has chosen to pivot the company towards providing mentoring and advisory services to startups, as well as business strategy, market development, and technology management services to non-profits and certain small businesses.

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